Getting Started

How to start using RoundPie App

Why RoundPie App?

Outsmart procrastination, sharpen your focus, avoid burnout and get things done by applying the Pomodoro technique to your existing workflow with the help of the RoundPie App.

Step 1. Registration

Create your free account. You can do it on our website homepage, account page, or desktop, web, or mobile app. All you need is your email address. Check your inbox (and junk folder), and confirm your account by clicking the "Let's get started" link. Define your password, and provide a bit of info about yourself. Now, you can log in to your app and your account. This 1-minute video shows how to do it:

Step 2. Local Tasks

You can use our inner simplified task management system (My Tasks for manual management and Web Tasks for tasks, created from Chrome extension). We prepared a set of demo (dummy) tasks for you; feel free to play around with it or just get rid of it.

This video (1 minute 35 seconds) can help to understand how it works:

Step 3. Integrations

We believe you already organized your workflow using special tools, like Todoist, Trello, Microsoft To-Do, Nozbe, Asana, JIRA, Meistertask, etc.

Connect your accounts and sync your tasks to make your work efficient and productive. Open your Account Page, click your favorite tool icon in the Inbound Integration section, approve the access, and see how it works.

This video (1 minute 39 seconds) shows how to connect your Wunderlist account, and it works the same for almost any other inbound integration:

Some integrations are available in the free Starter plan you just created (Trello, Todoist, Evernote, Google Calendar, Microsoft To-Do, Toodledo). Corporate-type project management systems (JIRA, Asana, Basecamp, Paymo, ClickUp, Teamwork Projects, and Nozbe) are available on the Ultimate plan only.

MS Outlook Tasks, GitKraken Glo, MeisterTask, and GitHub Issues integrations are available on the Lite and Ultimate plans.

You can give it a try for a week completely free and risk-free, no credit card required. Start your free Ultimate plan trial by clicking here.

RoundPie Browser Extension

Start the RoundPie timer from any webpage, see what you are working on now, block certain websites while your timer is ticking, and use embedded timers in your task management system using our Chrome Extension and Microsoft Edge Extension.

Take a look at this video (2 minutes 31 seconds) to see what's possible and how to install and configure this very important piece of the RoundPie ecosystem.


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