Windows Apps

Win Store version or our website's one?

As soon as you visit our download page, you'll see several versions of our Windows app:

Which version is better? It’s up to you, these versions are the same, actually. And free.

Obviously, from time to time, we release new version or new build, and for some short period of time (while Windows Store Review Team is checking our official version) the Store's one is a bit older. A question of a day or two max, usually.

Ah, and when you use Win Store version for the first time, 1-week ling Ultimate plan risk-free trial is being started automatically.

The portable version is for the users, who don't have permissions to install any software on their computers. Our condolences.

I can't see any notification?

  1. Check your app's settings. Perhaps you turned it off, and forgot to turn it back on.

  2. Check your Windows Notification Settings. Sometimes you have to manually allow the notifications there as well.

I can log in via web app, but my desktop app shows an error?

It seems your Windows security settings are paranoid enough and restricted our desktop app any access to the server. It can be your antivirus or firewall as well. It seems you have to dig a dip into the security, antivirus and/or firewall settings and whitelist our app. Or use our web app instead.

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