Free or Premium?

Do you need a premium plan, or free Starter plan is more than enough?

Do you want to support us?

Buy a premium plan. We do appreciate any support, it helps us improve the RoundPie App.

What's included in the free plan? Pretty much!


Up to 5 projects and up to 2 integrations from the following limited list:

  • Trello

  • Todoist

  • Evernote

  • Google Calendar

  • Google Tasks

  • Microsoft To-Do

  • Toodledo.

However, some specific integration-related features are available on premium (Lite and Ultimate) plans only. It depends on the integration though. For example:

  • Subtasks support for Trello, Google Tasks, Wunderlist.

  • Evernote: Filter your syncing notes with Evernote tags

  • Todoist: Filters support

Log access

Free users can see only the last 30 days of their activity. All timers are saved, but access to the history is limited. If you are considering using the history for invoicing, reporting, and analysis, consider an upgrade.

Custom app features

Desktop app: if you are on the free Starter plan, you can use default sounds from the list, limited timers (up to 60 minutes), you can't use interruption/timer notes, and you can't manage local simplified project management system, you can use only existing projects (My Tasks and Web Tasks).

As a Premium plans user you can add your own sound files for the alarms and timers/breaks, you don't have any limitation on timer durations, you can use interruption/timer notes, and you can create, rename and delete custom projects within Local Section of tasks.

Outbound integrations

  • Show you timers in your Calendar? No problem.

  • Connect Zapier and create your own workaround? Sure thing.

  • Stream your activity to Slack? Be our guest.

  • Sync your timer stop and write this entry to Toggl? Absolutely.

However, if you need to:

please consider the upgrade to the premium plan.

Ultimate plan

No limitations. As simple as that. The best choice for corporate and team types of users.

Merge Log entries and Log Tags management is another feature for Ultimate plan users, as well as scripting support for desktop apps (Apple Script and PowerShell). Custom webhooks are available on request.

One consideration, though: if you want to sync all your projects from all of your task management systems, keep in mind: such synchronization could take more time. And some task management systems, unfortunately, limit the request for synchronization. Don't hesitate to ask us for help, and we'll sort it out. Or just keep the synced projects and/or lists reasonable, you can manage it anytime.

Start your free Ultimate plan trial by clicking here.

Still not sure? Ask us for help using our feedback form of LiveChat.

Lite plan

This plan is a perfect choice for freelancers and advanced users.

The integrations list is extended by MS Outlook Tasks, MeisterTask, GitHub Issues, GitKraken Glo, however, you have to choose 3 from the list. No limitation on the number of projects though.

All integrations' advanced features are included here: subtasks support, Evernote tags filtering, Todoist filter support.

Slack Plus integration lets you manage Slack status and Do Not Disturb Mode depending on your timer activity, as well as customize the messages to the Slack channel.

You can access 6 months history of your log entries. That's it.

Start your free Lite plan trial by clicking here.

Still not sure? Ask us for help using our feedback form of LiveChat.

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