We are excited to announce a new integration for Agile adopters!

We are excited to announce a new integration for Agile adopters!

Now PomoDone can work with YouTrack - one of the most popular browser-based bug trackers, issue tracking systems, and project management software on the market.

YouTrack - one of the most popular browser-based bug tracker, issue tracking system, and project management software on the market.

Developed by JetBrains, YouTrack is a great tool to manage your projects, configure agile boards, use reports and Gantt charts, dashboards, and time tracking. Enjoy tracking tasks and issues, supporting customer’s requests, planning sprints, and releases, creating workflows – combined with PomoDone, YouTrack will help you keep focused and be more productive during your day.

How PomoDone improves your time tracking on YouTrack

Top-rated PomoDone App is a performance and productivity tool that uses the Pomodoro time management method and works as a smart task management platform. You simply chunk up your day or a project into small time slots - and the app keeps you focused on the task, reminding you to take a break.

Download PomoDone App and connect it to YouTrack to enrich the basic time tracker provided by the platform. Now you can not only monitor and report time spent on your projects but also organize your and your team’s working process in a smart and easy way. PomoDone's key features include collaboration tools, project management, time tracker, distraction shield, and more.

How this integration benefits YouTrack and PomoDone users:

Time planning + time tracking. With YouTrack you can estimate how much time you expect to spend to resolve each issue, PomoDone tells you how much of that time you actually spent doing it. By using PomoDone, you’ll know if you’re overshooting that limit or finishing with time to spare. In this way, you can find out what tasks eat up your precious time.

Prioritize meaningful projects You can set up PomoDone to track only those YouTrack projects' tasks you’re interested in.

Cross-platform availability. Both YouTrack and Pomodone are available as web-browser and standalone apps on multiple devices.

Ready to get focused?

On YouTrack:

  • Click the Projects link in the main navigation.

  • Select the project where you want to enable time tracking.

  • Click the Edit project link.

  • Select the Time Tracking tab.

  • Select the Enable time tracking checkbox.

On PomoDone App:

  • Choose YouTrack

  • Select the projects you want to track

  • Configure integration settings

  • Run and sync your PomoDone App (web, desktop or mobile version)

  • Select a task and run a timer

  • PomoDone will sync automatically with your YouTrack Time Tracking sheets and project folders.

Enjoy your day and beat procrastination!

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