PomoDone and Twist Integration

Why Twist?

Twist is a communication tool that keeps your team conversations organized, focused, and easy to find. Here’s a short video showing How Twist works:

Twist’s key advantage is that it keeps your team organized with threaded conversations, or threads. By allowing anybody to create a thread for each topic, discussions in Twist stay focused and their outcomes are easy to find and reference. That means less time wasted navigating through chaotic chat groups or email chains, and more time to get work done.

A key advantage to threads is you can choose you notify with your posts. That means less unwanted notifications and wasted time.

Twist also helps you disconnect when you’re not working. With the Time Off and Scheduled Snooze features, you can decide when you receive notifications and more importantly, when not you won’t. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, watch this video learning how to take your first steps with Twist:

The integration

We’ve teamed up with PomoDone to create the PomoDone-Twist Integration. Whenever you start a Pomodoro, Twist’s notifications will automatically be snoozed:

Stay productive without any distraction with the touch of a button.

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