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Mac App Store version or our website's one?

As soon as you visit our download page, you'll see several versions of our macOS app:

Which version is better? It’s up to you, these versions are almost the same, actually. And free.

Obviously, from time to time, we release new version or new build, and for some short period of time (while App Store Review Team is checking our official version) the Store's one is a bit older. A question of a day or two max, usually.

Ah, and when you use App Store version for the first time, 1-week long Ultimate plan risk-free trial is being started automatically.

App Store version is suitable for the user with default security settings, if you don't want to dig into your macOS permissions and allow something special. Sort of ⚙️ ;)

There is a difference, though.

If you know what is AppleScript, and would like to add super extra layer to your Pomodoro timer based workflow, you can turn on our AppleScript integration. It's available for Ultimate users only (see trial link at the end of this section), and it doesn't work on App Store version because of the Apple permissions policy.

Using the AppleScript snippets, you can enhance the app with many interesting additions and improvements. For example, you can enable and disable “do not disturb” mode, start and stop Spotify or iTunes, open and close applications, and so on.

You can configure custom actions for the following events:

  • When Timer Starts

  • When Timer Is Over

  • On Pause

  • On Resume

  • When Break Starts

  • When Break Is Over

AppleScript Examples

If you use Spotify and want to turn on background music when working (supposing Spotify is already launched with your favorite album or playlist selected), add the following snippet to the When Timer Starts section:

if application "Spotify" is running then
      tell application "Spotify" to play
end if

Once you start the timer, Spotify will start playing. You can replace Spotify with iTunes.

This snippet:

tell application "Safari"
      set miniaturized of window 1 to true
end tell

will minimize the Safari window depending on which event from the list above you run it on.

And, finally: if you assigned any hotkey combination to some of your Mac apps, feel free to use this shortcut:

tell application “System Events” to keystroke “L” using {option down, shift down, command down}

This particular snippet will initiate Command + Option + Shift + L hotkey in your system. Magic.

You can even combine AppleScript and shell script like this one:

do shell script "screencapture ~/Documents/screenshots/PomoDone-$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S).png"

This snipped will make a screenshot and save it in your Document folder / screenshots subfolder (don't forget to create it first) with the name PomoDone-[dateandtimewithseconds].png

Start your free Ultimate plan trial by clicking here.

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